CCB Seminar: Interactive, web-based visualization of high-resolution multiplexed bioimaging data

Title: CCB Seminar Series Speaker:  Trevor Manz, PhD Candidate & NSF Research Fellow, DBMI HMS  Topic: Interactive, web-based visualization of high-resolution multiplexed bioimaging data Abstract:  Although the rapid innovation of biological imaging brings significant scientific value, the proliferation of technologies without unification of interoperable standards has created challenges that limit the analysis and sharing of results. […]

Open Scholarship: Open Access, Open Science, Open Data

Open Scholarship advocates for research to be transparent and openly available to all. In this workshop, we’ll give an overview of the Open Science movement and the general principles including […]

Drop-in Data Services Help with Data Valentines

Got Valentine's Day plans? Stop by the Countway Library Information Desk to learn about data services and get help with any data management questions from Julie Goldman, Countway Research Data Services Librarian.

Fluorescence Microscopy & Optical Resolution

This workshop covers essential concepts in fluorescence microscopy, including: the fluorescence microscope light path filters and wavelength selection light sources for fluorescence optical resolution objective lenses sample prep tips

Event Series Intro to MATLAB

Intro to MATLAB

TMEC 328

Matlab has become the “language of science” in the past few decades. It is simple to use, yet powerful enough to be productive on large computing infrastructures. If you need: […]