Who We Are

Our Mission

Leverage Data and Computation to Transform Research and Improve Health


The Center for Computational Biomedicine is a multi-disciplinary team of computational and quantitative scientists that develops shared data and analytic resources.


We serve as a Hub for computational science education across Harvard Medical School, offering skills workshops, guided learnings, and tailored educational resources.


We collaborate on projects with labs, programs, and departments to develop tools, platforms, and other data science and computational resources that broadly enable discovery and innovation. 


Our strong mandate is to enable graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, and faculty across all departments of the HMS quadrangle. View our Projects, Tools and Educational Resources to see our work and contact us to develop more resources together.  


“Increasingly complex data sets and advancing computation methods represent a challenge but also an opportunity to develop tools and interfaces that will help researchers and students reach sound, reproducible conclusions. Although not simple, these problems are solvable and their promise is great.”

Dr. Robert Gentleman, Executive Director