AI Tools for HMS

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools can enhance the teaching, learning, and administrative efficiency for faculty, students, and staff.

If you are considering integrating AI tools into your work or have a specific tool of interest in mind, review the resources available here or simply contact us. We also offer office hours for AI in education.


AI Innovators Wanted

Dean’s Innovation Award, Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education, Research, and Administration


The Dean is inviting applications for projects that innovatively utilize generative artificial intelligence with grants of up to $100,000 per project for one year, extendable to a second year. The program aims to transform medical and graduate education, pioneer new research frontiers, and enhance administrative efficiency. Interdisciplinary collaborations are highly encouraged, and proposals are due by December 11, with more details available on the Dean’s Innovation Awards website.

Additional information will be given at the Town Hall Meeting on November 9th from 2-3 pm. For questions about the submission and selection process, email the Office of Research Operations


Computational Resources at HMS

Research Computing (RC) provides a growing, shared high-performance computing environment known as the O2 Cluster, which accommodates diverse requirements and workflows for HMS-affiliated researchers. Tens of thousands of jobs run on O2 every day for big and small projects in next-gen sequencing analysis, molecular dynamics, mathematical modeling, image analysis, proteomics, and other areas. Research Computing is constantly working to improve O2’s job handling software and configuration to balance throughput between the many users. 


AI for Educators at HMS

Dr. Chris Magnano and Dr. Robert Gentleman, from the Center for Computational Biomedicine, delivered a lecture to HMS faculty on the methods, resources available, and other considerations for integrating AI into their educational framework. We invite you to view the lecture, HMS Lecture on Use of AI Tools, and explore our AI in Education page for additional resources.