Open Scholarship: Open Access, Open Science, Open Data

Open Scholarship advocates for research to be transparent and openly available to all. In this workshop, we’ll give an overview of the Open Science movement and the general principles including […]

Finding, Reusing, and Citing Data in Harvard Dataverse

Finding data to reuse for your own research is often challenging because it can be widely distributed across a large number of different repositories and websites, it may not be described very well, and it can be difficult to evaluate whether data you have found is suitable for your research needs. In this session, we […]

Drop-in Data Services Help with Data Valentines

Got Valentine's Day plans? Stop by the Countway Library Information Desk to learn about data services and get help with any data management questions from Julie Goldman, Countway Research Data Services Librarian.

Fluorescence Microscopy & Optical Resolution

This workshop covers essential concepts in fluorescence microscopy, including: the fluorescence microscope light path filters and wavelength selection light sources for fluorescence optical resolution objective lenses sample prep tips

Event Series Intro to MATLAB

Intro to MATLAB

TMEC 328

Matlab has become the “language of science” in the past few decades. It is simple to use, yet powerful enough to be productive on large computing infrastructures. If you need: 1) Fast prototyping of research ideas; or 2) avoid spending too much time in coding instead of doing real science by taking advantage of Matlab’s […]

Protecting Your Research: Practices for Sharing with Confidence

Publishing your data can increase the visibility and impact of your research. There are many considerations and options for ensuring your work (intellectual property) is protected. In this session, we will discuss three areas: first, why it’s beneficial to license your data as openly as possible; second, the particular issues and challenges involved in the […]

HBC Current Topics in Bioinformatics: Intermediate Shell

Many tools for the analysis of big data require knowledge of the command line, and this workshop will build on the basic skills taught in the Introduction to Shell workshop to allow for greater automation. This workshop will include lessons on using the command-line text editor, Vim, to create and edit files, utilizing for-loops for automation, […]

Practical Considerations for Managing Sensitive Data

Data sharing is becoming an increasingly prevalent and expected part of the research process. Researchers may be hesitant to share datasets about human subjects, and rightfully so. While some data […]