NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy: What, Why, and What’s Next

So, you want to write an NIH grant and need to know more about their new policy on Data Management & Sharing Plans? This session will highlight its key elements and changes, give an overview of the background and rationale of the new policy, and help you lay out a path for successfully meeting its […]

CCB Seminar: Interactive, web-based visualization of high-resolution multiplexed bioimaging data

Title: CCB Seminar Series Speaker:  Trevor Manz, PhD Candidate & NSF Research Fellow, DBMI HMS  Topic: Interactive, web-based visualization of high-resolution multiplexed bioimaging data Abstract:  Although the rapid innovation of biological imaging brings significant scientific value, the proliferation of technologies without unification of interoperable standards has created challenges that limit the analysis and sharing of results. […]

Open Scholarship: Open Access, Open Science, Open Data

Open Scholarship advocates for research to be transparent and openly available to all. In this workshop, we’ll give an overview of the Open Science movement and the general principles including […]

Finding, Reusing, and Citing Data in Harvard Dataverse

Finding data to reuse for your own research is often challenging because it can be widely distributed across a large number of different repositories and websites, it may not be described very well, and it can be difficult to evaluate whether data you have found is suitable for your research needs. In this session, we […]