CCB Seminar: Geometric approaches to understanding the neural basis of human thought

Title: CCB Seminar Series  Speaker: Jeremy Manning, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College  Topic: Geometric approaches to understanding the neural basis of human thought Links to some relevant materials: - Lab website - Heusser et al. (2021), Nature Human Behavior - Owen et al. (2021), Nature Communications - Manning (2021), Psychological Review - Manning (2022), book chapter […]

Intro to image analysis using ImageJ/Fiji

HMS Building C, Room C-439 240 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA, United States

A combination of tutorials and hands-on exercises (you will need a laptop with a decent size screen and admin privileges). Additional details about this course are listed below.   Format: […]

Event Series Data Analysis Club

Data Analysis Club

TMEC 128 260 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA, United States

Have you coded before or know some coding basics, but aren’t sure how to apply those skills to real research? Are you interested in applying advanced bioinformatics pipelines? Do you want to create publication-quality analyses and figures? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Data Analysis Club can help you work towards […]

Introduction to R Semi-Synchronous Workshop

Introduction to R Workshop organized by the CCB with support from the Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core. This is an asynchronous workshop with synchronous support which will introduce participants to using […]

Python environments and packages

HMS Longwood Campus 25 Shattuck St, Boston, MA, United States

Python environments and packages Demystifying python environment setup, and tips for frustration-free reproducibility in python workflows Presented by Talley Lambert Monday November 14 2022, 1-4pm In person on the HMS Longwood Campus A common challenge that scientists face when adopting python (e.g. when transitioning from MATLAB) is navigating the many different ways in which one can install […]