Closing Out Your Research: Data Transfer

Knowledge transfer refers to sharing or disseminating knowledge and providing inputs to problem-solving. When employees leave, they take their skills and institutional knowledge with them. Capturing their knowledge and research […]

Tips and Tools for Creating Compelling Data Visualizations

This workshop covers key design principles to guide your choices on color, graph type, etc. when making data visualizations. After looking at a wide variety of examples of charts and graphs, we’ll end by going over a few free, easy-to-use tools for you to start making your own visualizations.

Data Management Virtual Office Hours

Drop in any time during the hour to ask your data management questions! Countway's Data Services Librarian will be ready to support you. Get help with: Data Management Plans -- including writing NIH Data Management and Sharing Plans Data organization strategies -- get help with your file and folder names Data standards -- what IS […]

Introduction to ESRI ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online: Creating Exploratory Maps

This workshop provides all of the information you need to get started working with ESRI ArcGIS Pro and the ArcGIS Online suite of software-as-a-service (SAAS) tools and data at Harvard. You'll be shown how easy it is to create your first map in both desktop and online software and to move back and forth between […]

Basics of Python

Python is a powerful open-source programming language. In this 3 hour, hands-on workshop, we will teach basic concepts and bioinformatics applications in Python. We will learn the Python syntax, data structures, functions, data manipulation, and data visualization. By the end of the workshop, students will understand and write simple Python scripts, and be able to […]

Introduction to GIS

In this workshop, you will leave with a strong foundational understanding of the building blocks of GIS. Included in this introduction are the distinction between various GIS software, methods, and data. This introduction will break down the core data types for geospatial data, and you will leave with a strong understanding of how GIS data […]

Introduction to Data Visualization with Python / Seaborn

This hands-on workshop will cover the basics of data visualization using Seaborn (, a library for the Python programming language. We will cover how to create plots using numeric and categorical data, as well as the creation of multi-panel figures for data exploration and presentation. Instructor: James Adams, Manager of Research and Data Services, Harvard Kennedy School Pre-class […]

R Basics

R Basics: R is a simple programming environment that enables the effective handling of data, while providing excellent graphical support. RStudio is a tool that provides a user-friendly environment for working with R. This workshop gives participants an overview of the basics of the R programming language and RStudio   Register Here!

Data Management Virtual Office Hours

Drop in any time during the hour to ask your data management questions! Countway's Data Services Librarian will be ready to support you. Get help with: Data Management Plans -- […]

Interactive and Responsive Visuals: Is it a good fit for me?

Data is a common currency in academia and visuals are key to delivering a story. In this session, we provide an overview of interactive and responsive data visualization. We will walk through guidelines to help you choose between interactive or static visuals. Lastly, we discuss a few open-source options to build your interactive masterpiece. Instructor: William […]

R Intermediate

Intermediate R: This workshop will build on the content of the Introduction to R online resource, or R Basics and will provide practical exercises to practice your newly developed R skills. Hands-on exercises will review learned R syntax, including variables, functions and arguments as well as data structures in R and the basics of data inspection and […]

Data Visualizations in R Using ggplot2

For this seminar, we will be using the R package ggplot2 to create publication-worthy figures. This is a hands-on seminar using example data to showcase the ggplot2 syntax and how to enhance a basic plot with aesthetics using various functions. Additionally, we will cover color customization in R and how to export figures to file. […]