Single-cell atlas of human variation in hematopoietic tissue

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Project Deliverables

Processing, analysis, annotation, visualization, and exploration of a large single-cell hematopoiesis reference dataset

Collaborator Name

Allon Klein, PhD

HMS Department

Systems Biology

Project Description

Dr. Klein is working on a molecular atlas of hematopoiesis in human bone marrow. As part of a deeper molecular characterization of cell fate and differentiation during hematopoiesis, the Klein Lab aims to profile 100 bone marrow samples via 10x Genomics single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq). The goal of the project is to create a data-driven, explorable, and transferable reference atlas of human hematopoiesis for interpreting new data sets and with applications in diagnostics and therapy of blood and immune disorders. CCB will help with processing, analyzing, annotating, and exploring the single-cell data. This includes: 1) development and application of an scRNA-seq analysis pipeline for efficient data processing of 100 samples; 2) cell type annotation based on a panel of reference-based annotation methods combined with marker-based refinement of the annotations; and 3) development of a data portal that enables interactive exploration of the data.