Aging intervention multi-omics data integration and biomarker discovery

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Project Deliverables

To develop an R/Bioconductor experimental data package, integrate signals from multiple aging intervention omics datasets and identify biomarker sets through machine learning and gene set analysis, and develop a data portal that enables interactive exploration of the data.


HMS Department

Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

Project Description

CCB works with Rubin Lab to develop a FAIR analysis-ready data resource of different aging omics datasets including the aging mouse brain single cell study (Ximerakis et al., 2019), aging mouse brain parabiosis single cell study (Ximerakis et al., 2023), aging mouse brain parabiosis proteomics study (Rubin lab, unpublished), aging mouse brain microbiome manipulation single nucleus study (Rubin lab, unpublished), and microbiome manipulation plasma proteomics (Rubin lab, unpublished).