Synclaire Oglesby, MSc

Synclaire Oglesby, MS

Program Manager

Center for Computational Biomedicine

Harvard Medical School

Pronouns: she/her/hers


While completing the thesis component of her master’s degree in biomedical sciences at Tuft’s University School of Medicine, Synclaire Oglesby ventured into a fulfilling career as a Research Operations Manager at Harvard Medical School. Her role encompassed overseeing operations in a dynamic, multidisciplinary laboratory that spanned multiple institutions and featured three adaptable spaces. This position required her to apply her advanced scientific knowledge and expertise to tackle intricate challenges inherent in the program. Through this experience, she deepened her passion for strategic design while gaining invaluable insights into cross¬≠institutional and interdisciplinary research. From a broader perspective, Oglesby’s ultimate career objective has always been enhancing healthcare accessibility.

Recognizing the potential of digital products to drive healthcare towards a more precise and accessible future. As the Program Manager for the Tananbaum Healthcare Transformation Initiative, she has the opportunity to combine her passions for strategic design and healthcare access, to support the forthcoming healthcare revolution. She utilizes her extensive knowledge in operations, communications, and leadership to actively contribute to the design and execution of the goals set forth by the Tananbaum Healthcare Transformation Initiative. Under the exceptional guidance of Dr. Gentleman, Dr. Mallard, and Dr. Palmer, Oglesby is responsible for developing an effective implementation strategy for the Tananbaum Healthcare Transformation Initiative, which involves conducting stakeholder interviews with health tech innovators and investors to gain insights into the existing innovation landscape and identify the specific needs of the innovators. Concurrently, Oglesby and the CCB team are establishing a collaborative network and raising awareness about the Tananbaum Healthcare Transformation Initiative.

Also serving as our Communications Director, she aims to effectively bolster engagement and showcase our achievements.