Gerald Kiwanuka

Gerald Kiwanuka, MS

Data Engineer

Center for Computational Biomedicine

Harvard Medical School

Pronouns: he/him/his


Gerald Matovu Kiwanuka was born and raised in East Africa during a period of historical turmoil. In this resource-constrained environment, he began coding with pencil and paper. His physics instructor—an American priest—helped Gerald secure a scholarship to the US. His arrival at college marked the first time he interacted with a computer.  After receiving his BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, Gerald earned his MA in Mathematics at Boston College. Before coming to Harvard, his work focused on data engineering, data mining, and data transformation pipelines. During these years, he sought opportunities to work with increasingly large datasets, as his goal was to eventually engage in bioinformatics research. He joined the Center for Computational Biomedicine in January 2023 as a Data Engineer on Dr. Nathan Palmer’s team. His primary role thus far has been to develop technological and methodological solutions to help researchers within the HMS community use data more effectively to enable their research and to perform analytics at scale.