Andrew Ghazi, PhD


Andrew Ghazi, PhD

Statistical Geneticist

Center for Computational Biomedicine

Harvard Medical School

Pronouns: he/him/his

Andrew Ghazi, PhD is a statistical geneticist with extensive expertise in computational analysis. He received his bachelor’s degree from Columbia in Biomedical Engineering and his PhD from Baylor College of Medicine where he studied Bayesian modeling of high-throughput sequencing assays. Andrew completed his postdoctoral training in Curtis Huttenhower’s Laboratory at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard where he worked on multi-omic data integration and methods for detecting microbial strain-level associations.

  • Bayesian modelling of high-throughput sequencing assays with malacoda

    Authors: Andrew R. Ghazi, Xianguo Kong,Ed S. Chen, Leonard C. Edelstein, Chad A. Shaw

    PLOS Computational Biology. July 21, 2020

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