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About Posit Connect

Posit Connect (formerly RStudio Connect) is a standalone publishing platform for modern data science contents developed in R or Python. This provides researchers, data scientists, and software developers at HMS with one convenient place to share interactive access to research data encapsulated in Shiny applications, R Markdown reports, dashboards, plots, models, Jupyter Notebooks, and more. In contrast to other solutions such as shinyapps.io or an in-house shiny server, Posit Connect supports publishing of a variety of static or dynamic content developed in R or Python, and excels in content management, scalability, security, and authentication.

CCB and HMS Research Computing (RC) work together to provide labs at HMS with access to Posit Connect and support the publication of data science contents developed by and for the HMS community. This research data visualization platform is hosted on HMS’s O2 cluster, facilitating push-button publishing of integrated data reports that require programmatic access to research files on O2. Access is available via HMS ID authentication, and contents can easily be shared within labs, across labs, and beyond HMS.

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For more information about this service please visit HMS IT’s Research Application Platforms page, under Research Data Visualization Platform (Pilot) and Getting started with the Research Data Visualization Platform (RDVP)

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