Computational pipeline for whole-genome sequencing analysis of yeast strains

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Computational pipeline for whole-genome sequencing data analysis of yeast strains on HMS’ O2 cluster.


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The Winston lab studies eukaryotic transcription and chromatin structure using yeast as a model system. Derived from a lab-owned parental yeast strain, the Winston lab has generated 16 mutant yeast strains that were subjected to Illumina whole-genome sequencing at the Bauer Core Facility in Cambridge. The Winston lab has previously employed a bioinformatics pipeline for identification and characterization of mutations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but this pipeline requires working on local computers and cannot be straightforward applied on HMS’s O2 cluster. CCB worked with the Winston Lab to set up a pipeline for high-performance analysis of whole-genome sequencing data based on the previously employed MutantHuntWGS pipeline on GitHub. This includes identifying all relevant modules on O2 and chain them together in a way that they can be easily invoked and parameterized by members of the Winston lab.