Data & Analytics Platforms

Director: Nathan Palmer, PhD

Group Overview

Machine learning and biostatistics applications in modern clinical- and bio- informatics require analytic platforms that are built to scale, and to serve domain-specific needs. The Data and Analytic Platforms Group at CCB delivers these solutions for researchers spanning epidemiology, bioinformatics, healthcare economics, and basic science specialties. As a group of leading-edge technologists with extensive research experience, we partner with HMS faculty, IT, and Research Computing to build platforms with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Below is a list of Database solutions that are currently available to HMS researchers and others that are in our pipeline.


  • NHANES (
  • Environmental Protection Agency (Annual, Daily) Measurements (TBD)
  • United States Census American Community Survey (TBD)
  • Geospatial Mapping TIGER GIS (TBD)


For questions about database content, indexing, database access, etc., please email CCB.