Intro to Parallel Computing

This is a short introduction to Parallel Computing that will include an overview of the basic concepts of parallel programming: from running your job in an embarrassingly parallel way to […]

Optimizing O2 Jobs

In this short seminar we cover some simple but essential rules to use the O2 cluster in the most efficient (and inexpensive) way. Audience: Anyone running jobs in the O2 cluster […]

Intermediate O2

Intermediate O2 is for current O2 users who would like to brush up on their bash skills, learn more advanced file transfer techniques, and unleash some of the powerful features of the SLURM scheduler. Prerequisites: Intro to O2 or proficiency on the O2 cluster Requirements: None For questions please contact

Intro to O2

Intro to O2 addresses the needs of users who have very little linux experience, and are just getting started with HPC. Time will be devoted to covering linux basics, and the concepts of schedulers and jobs, and data management best practices. For questions please contact

Intro to Python

Python is a popular scripting language for scientific computing and available across all computer platforms. The course will introduce you to some of the basics of the Python language as well as some of the nuances involved with its use specific to the O2 environment. The goal is to provide users with a foundational level […]

O2 Portal – Simplifying the Interaction and Experience of Using an HPC Environment

O2 Portal is web-based access point to O2 powered by Open OnDemand. This short training teaches you the basic functions of O2 Portal, including file transfer, Slurm job submission and monitoring desktop activities and a few popular applications such as Matlab, Jupyter and Rstudio. Audience: Anyone interested in using the O2 resources for their projects Pre-Requisites: Familiarity […]