Job Summary

The Center for Computational Biomedicine (CCB) at Harvard Medical School is looking for an experienced Statistical Geneticist to take a leading role in its mission to support the broad use of leading edge computational and analytic methods at HMS. The CCB is a new center whose mission is to provide computational expertise in a variety of areas including: genetics, genomics, AI/ML and image analysis. The candidate will be either Data Scientist or Senior Data Scientist, commensurate with experience and qualifications.

The role involves working with various labs in HMS providing expertise in analyzing, visualizing and integrating genetic and genomic data. The data sources will often be at the leading edge of scientific discovery and technical development and some methodological work may be required. The successful candidate will have strong skills in R or Python, strong quantitative and communication skills. They will be able to work independently and collaboratively on scientific problems and deliver solutions.

The CCB is a new center in HMS that will provide computational and analytic resources to advance scientific discovery within HMS. It has a multi-disciplinary team of computational and quantitative scientists who work collaboratively both within the center and with members of the HMS community.

Basic Qualifications

  • PhD in Human Genetics or a related field with substantial experience working with genetic data.
  • Strong quantitative skills.
  • Technical expertise in software development.
  • Ability to program at a high level in R or Python.
  • Substantial experience analyzing genetic or genomic data at scale.
  • Ability to work independently

Additional Qualifications

  • Working knowledge of git or similar tools for software development.
  • Experience building imputation panels, LD servers, analyzing genetic data from diverse populations, GWAS at scale.
  • Ability to work on teams and to lead teams or projects.
  • Strong communication skills.


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