Tyrone Lee

Tyrone Lee, MS

Sr. Software Engineer

Center for Computational Biomedicine

Harvard Medical School


Tyrone Lee is the harrowing survivor of a terrible experiment to combine a biologist with a senior software engineer.
It began when he completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at Reed College in 2011 with a focus in mathematics. In a tragic turn of events, he worked at the MIT McGovern Brain Institute conducting animal behavior research on murine models using his skills as a programmer to automate operant conditioning task. This disturbing work prompted him to seek further education which resulted in his Bioinformatics Master’s degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The capstone project was software and hardware stack of off-the-shelf sensors and analysis tools that track the behavior of African rift-valley cichlids in-situ. With that traumatic experience, he embarked on a career at WHOI and MIT Lincoln as a developer of various software tools spanning from deep learning libraries to graphical user interfaces for geo-spatial image data. Tyrone’s lamentable journey continues as he navigates the treacherous road of working with scientists to help them get the most out of their expensive computer resources and to develop practical applications using the latest in software development practices.